EarthStar Battery

EarthStar Battery Division Corp or EarthStar Battery division as we will call it is a split off of our HD Thin Film Technology storage system which is taking the world by storm.  This Life Safety Rated UN38.3 Certified Safe energy storage system is deliverable in almost any size or shape and proves to be cost-effective all the way up to 150KW of storage just by Daisy-Chaining the robust individual batteries. Currently, this is one of the primary forms of storage for our Solar Division.  This is also with our 50KW Tray Battery the best solution for automotive electrification.

The Next Generation of storage is the 3D Printed Battery technology that lowers costs while delivering twice as much power for twice the lifespan.  This will be released to the World soon as the production plant is underway.

On the not too distant horizon is our new AEC Cell technology that will revolutionize power for everything from a Cell phone to Bus or even an aeroplane.

For Scalability EarthStar has teamed up with ViZn Energy to bring their superior version of the ViZn Vanadium Reflow Technology. This technology begins at just under 100KW and can be stacked in 20 or 40-foot size containers up to Giga Watt size installations.  The Reflow technology changes electrolyte to rejuvenate the storage system for 3X the performance time.

Generation 1 – HD Thin Film Current Products
  • 12.8Vdc 20A
    2500 cycle Battery ‘Cell’
  • 4Kw 48Vdc Solar Storage Cube
  • 10Kw 48Vdc Solar Storage Home/Business
  • 14Kw 48Vdc Solar Storage
  • 16-50Kw
    48-300Vdc Automotive
  • 12.8Vdc 600AH RV Battery