Celterra Family is a group of technologies envisioned and created by our founder Calvin H Woosnam.  The first is  Celterra Networks is a revolutionary expansion of the origination of the technology and name Celterra once being one of the largest network design firms in the World.  With past history of India, USA, China, and even the Soviet Union as it was known back then, we have left our B1 Rated network technology firmly embedded around the World.

Celterra Communications is our separate advanced technology division that applies leading edge technology like even a fiber less technology to continue to deliver telecommunications to less developed and even developed companies World Wide.


The origination of Celterra began in Vancouver B.C. with the creation of LightWay Networks based out of the World Trade Center at Canada Place Plaza.  Still today a reminder of this is visible atop the World Trade Center roof with the eye catching Conical Uplink Dish which joined LightWay’s Fiber Optic networks to their unique Global reaching Satellite network all supporting the security of ATM Technology. The acquisition of the FiberHydrant(tm) technology also brought the ATM World to the Film Industry.  LightWay was also known for creating FilmWay the fiber optic path from Vancouver to Los Angeles. The Conical dish can still be seen with Google Earth or Maps atop the World Trade Center / Canada Place complex.

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