BRASCO-EarthStar , registered in Costa Rica and parent to Titaquartzo-Brasco Ltda Brazil, our Ultra Pure Silica (550,000 Metric Tons reserve) and Microdyne-Brasco  Ltda Brazil, our Ilmenite-Rutile and TiO2 Reserves is actively preparing to supply through a Third Party Mining sale these materials to major consumer companies World Wide.  The 99.7% SGS Laboratories purity silica is being retargeted to the rising Solar Industry following a supporting report by Lawrence Livermore Laboratories which showed better quality glass, when used in Solar Panels can increase the output by 10% or more.

The Ultra Pure Silica also significantly reduces the energy costs for purification caused in the past.

We not only bring our Ultra Pure Silica through a Wegner Process to the Solar Industry, but now Candeia Trees for their medicinal properties to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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