Why EarthStar? Superior Technology and Design Equals Superior Results. EarthStar utilizes revolutionary technology in Solar Photo Voltaics and Solar Tracking Technologies to design and install the highest performance solar energy systems in the industry. EarthStar’s manufacturing partners in consultation with EarthStar management’s advanced engineering knowledge, build proprietary products that consistently perform above current solar power industry standards. These products include unique web-enabled power management solutions, infrared solar tracking and equally impressive long life custom battery modules. These and other proprietary technologies allow EarthStar to provide solutions unlike any other competitor in the marketplace today.

EarthStar’s solutions outperform our competition and this is due to proven technology advances being employed every day by EarthStar.

EarthStar Enterprises Solar Solutions Generates 61.5% Additional Clean Power.

The EarthStar Energy difference with respect to how these superior performance characteristics are captured in combination to deliver these outstanding results is as follows:

Mono Crystalline Solar Panels: + 24.5% more clean power

EarthStar has chosen to partner with the industry’s foremost solar panel manufacturer. They produce Mono Crystalline Nano composition panels that produce an additional 24.5% power output over standard Poly Crystalline technology. Easily identified by their 72 cell configuration, these panels were chosen for their durability and long life even in the severest of environmental climates and conditions.

For ideal locations (low latitudes) EarthStar now uses high output Bifacial Solar Panels delivering 540 Watts per panel or more now in PERC Mono 72 Cell configuration.  This is only possible using EarthStar’s Proprietary Trackers which now extend this energy collection and conversion process to full daylight hours rather than customary solar installations only producing for 6 hours per day.

EarthStar’s Proprietary Infrared Solar Tracker Technology: + 20% more clean power

Many solar power projects involve the installation of static solar panels. Some of the more advanced projects have installed panels that can move marginally up and down in order to attempt to gain maximum exposure to the sun. EarthStar has developed their own proprietary solar Infrared tracking system that moves their solar panels not only up and down but from side to side as well. This allows EarthStar’s panels to follow the sun from sunrise to sunset, even through cloud cover and 50mm downpours. Earthstar’s tracking systems have a unique automated positioning ability which will reduce its wind loading during very windy weather conditions and will maintain perfect panel positioning even on cloudy days. This innovation in combination with EarthStar’s PV panels results in a minimum 20% improvement in power output versus static panels and guarantees 80% performance even after 25 years.

Originally built to withstand the extreme environmental conditions in Canada, EarthStars’ “Dual Axis Ground Based Tracker” is robust enough to survive hurricanes and typhoons while constantly remaining perpendicular to the sun’s rays from sunrise to sunset. EarthStar has also created a proprietary light weight “Roof Mount Single Axis Tracker” designed for flat or sloped roofs with adjustable non-penetrating tripod bases. These single and dual axis trackers provide 20-25% greater power generation over static or stationary panels.

EarthStar’s Proprietary DC Power Management Technology: + 10% more clean power

EarthStar has designed the chips, circuit board and software to create a DC Power Management System that adds up to 10% more solar energy to inverter output versus a typical direct connect photovoltaic (PV) panel to inverter installation. This technology manages and improves efficiencies as power flows throughout the system of wires and connections and carefully regulates DC energy through the entire system inclusive of the batteries and inverters. This innovation helps to optimize overall performance of the entire system during the entirety of the time that the panels are exposed to the sun’s rays.

HP Inverters: + 7 % more clean power

The process of converting PV output/DC power to AC power that can be utilized by the customer is performed by the inverter, although not all inverters are of the same quality. Excessive heat output is a common side effect of poor or inferior inverter design which can result in up to +7% in power loss. EarthStar has partnered with one of the leading inverter manufacturers in the world to deliver much higher efficiency 98+% inverter solutions from 1.5kw to 1 Mega-Watt per unit. The system is designed so that all of the inverter units are stackable to easily allow for multiple configurations such that systems can be scaled out for any end user.

EarthStar’s Scalable Battery Solutions

EarthStar has partnered with a well established company at the forefront of innovative battery storage technology that provides commercial and industrial, micro-grid and utility scale safe energy storage solutions to operators of utilities that have a significant renewable energy production component. The products deliver a uniquely safe, reliable and scalable energy system. The result is a 20-year profit-producing solution with rapid ROI and industry awards around best practices and storage innovation.

EarthStar incorporates high density 13KW battery modules in to their solar energy systems. This advanced battery technology yields more total kilowatts in a lesser battery configuration while also eliminating the common battery safety issues of over-heating and eventually smoking or burning. EarthStar’s battery engineering applications have been utilized in various industry sectors. These all incorporate our Proprietary HD Thin Film Technology and soon to the World our 3D Printed Technology Battery.

Compact battery modules can be shelf or floor mounted and built out to scale based on the unique requirements of each individual project. EarthStar’s energy storage solutions can be scaled to be large enough for big city energy consumption requirements by maintaining power flowing to the grid 24 hours a day even during cloudy or rainy periods.

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