Resilient Communications Technology Corp.

We Start with a single CSA C22.2 No.267 ‘Life Safety’ ASPCA [Armored Segmented Power and Communication Assembly] Plant in Richmond BC Canada to begin, then joined by 2nd ASPCA Plant in Lithuania, Eurozone. A Third Plant is planned for Northern India. Our setup includes strategic partnerships through a Global Distribution Network already established by two of the Largest Electrical supplier networks in the World. Our Gateway to supplying a Patent Protected and Regulatory Standards driven Life Safety and Military Security system to protect buildings and people Worldwide.

Resilient has taken more than 10 years to create, validate through testing (South West Research Institute, Texas USA) a Patent protected Globally (WIPO+USPTO); and Regulatory Life Safety Standards supporting and demanding product line.

Add to this the Patented globally the Life-Safety Elevator Conversion Kit and you have a true ‘Life-Safety’ Building or CSA International C22.2 compliant Structure supported by Regulatory Standards around the World.

We even invented an automated manufacturing system that can produce between 100,000 and 1 Million feet per month tapping into a Global Distribution System demands.

  • Airport and Stadium security system Patented – Airport Video (click for video)
  • Proprietary ASPCA Cable and Junction Box Patented – ASPCA Cable Video (click for video)
  • Perimeter Security Systems – Border System Patented – Border Security (click for video)
  • Life Safety Elevator System Patented – Retrofit all existing Elevators for use during emergencies