EarthStar Energy Solar Division

EarthStar Energy Solar is in its self a multi divisional company with Canada, USA (various states), and EarthStar Energy Australia Pty Ltd so far.

  • EarthStar Energy Solar Division is our proven understanding of Solar Energy in the World with technical history dating back to 2010 with Barcelona Spain.
  • Today we are preparing for multiple again record breaking projects with EarthStar Energy Australia Pty Ltd and the Power Transmission Highway project combined with Gigawatt production in the Sun Capital of the World in Darwin.
  • EarthStar Energy Solar method began with using higher output Solar Panels combined with Solar Trackers that increase daily energy output from 6 to 10 hours to 14 – 16 hrs. per day.
  • Add to this Energy Storage System scalable from Homes, to Businesses and even Cities, and you have the distinct difference between EarthStar and our competitors.
  • Patent Protected Proprietary unique designs that both improve energy capture but also are designed to withstand weather conditions like snow and tornadoes.
  • Lastly with Unique Designs and Higher Output for larger contracts this means Shorter ROI times and higher payback for 15 – 25 Year Contracts with the lowest cost Per Megawatt for production.
  • EarthStar not only builds Large Solar Farms but also produces Solar Kits allowing Individual Home Owners to make their homes Green and Energy Efficient, Our Technicians to power your Cities and Countries