EarthStar Enterprises USA and California Corporations

Andy L. Hale, Director, EarthStar Enterprises California, USA

Andy Hale is an accomplished well seasoned individual who has worked with our CEO, Cal Woosnam for many years dating back to the 90’s. Financial and Strategy as well as his connections to fields as diverse as The Space Station Project for NASA and Commercial Property Management with Berkshire Hathaway make him a true asset. A Strategist with years of real industry related experience to bring to EarthStar and one of the original founders. He serves as a senior advisor for EarthStar Enterprises Corp  and a director of EarthStar Enterprises USA.  Andy L Hale demonstrates the integrity of the team behind EarthStar Enterprises Corp.

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Imran Khan, Director EarthStar Enterprises USA, EarthStar Enterprises California

Imran H. Khan comes to EarthStar with an extensive legal background and continuing involvement with Agricultural regulatory bodies and production entities. His background in managing agricultural and policy interests in the Sacramento Valley of California makes him a key spokesman and an incredible asset to Earth Star in its Green Philosophy for improving this planet. Imran was one of the first to recognize EarthStar’s unique Solar Photo Voltaic approach with Trackers and power management at every stage, including an energy storage component for night time and off peak power usage. This approach, combined with our Plasma Waste Management System, and other novel technology solutions was one of the closing factors in his decision to join EarthStar.

Recently, Imran was elected as Secretary for the California Rice Commission for 2016. The California Rice Commission is an Advisory Board to the State of California Department of Agriculture on political, policy and regulatory issues related to the California Rice Industry. He also currently serves on the California Rice Commission’s International Marketing and Promotion Committee as well as the California Rice Farmers’ Group. Imran was also recently interviewed and selected, as a rice producer from California, for the USA Rice Leadership Development Program – class of 2016. This prestigious program, designed to give future leaders in the USA rice industry a comprehensive understanding of the rice industry with an emphasis on personal development and communication skills, is administered by The USA Rice Federation which develops and manages the program on behalf of The Rice Foundation. It is the premier leadership development program in the USA rice industry.

Mike Cobery, CCIM, Director, EarthStar Enterprises California

Michael T. Cobery has been in the Sales & Marketing arena for the past 35 years, specializing in high tech storage products manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies, such as Sony, TEAC, Atari, Quantum, Maxtor, Conner Peripherals, Polaroid, and Ericsson. With National and Worldwide responsibilities within the OEM and Distribution channels for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Xerox, and Toshiba, these endeavors involved the pioneering of new and innovative products within the hardware and software spectrum, taking new items and marketing from the ground-up throughout the retail, wholesale, and OEM environments.

For the past 25 years, specializing in Contract negotiations, and financial analysis for investors within the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage arena, Mr. Cobery has achieved the level of “CCIM National Delegate”, actively participating as a Local (Los Angeles) Board member with the Institute known as CCIM, a select group of highly skilled and experienced brokers within the United States. While managing all of the commercial agents within 22 Berkshire Hathaway offices in Southern California, he has trained well over 2,000 agents on all aspects of Commercial Brokerage. Owning and operating PPM, Professional Property Management, has also allowed for expansion into the asset and plant management of commercial properties throughout the United States.

Jonathan Costa, Director, EarthStar Enterprises California

Jonathan A. Costa joins EarthStar Enterprises with an extensive background in commercial real estate. His expertise and experience in both the Owner-User and Investor arenas, has proven him to be an invaluable partner to the company and his clients. Through his position as Director of Commercial Services with Berkshire Hathaway, he has taught, mentored, and trained over 2,000 individuals, fostering an understanding of commercial real estate, management, and brokerage. Mr. Costa oversees all the commercial activities from start to finish for all 22 Berkshire Hathaway offices in Southern California. Utilizing his extensive marketing knowledge, contract negotiating skills, and financial analysis background, Mr. Costa has garnered repetitive client support with building owners and tenants for over 12 years throughout the Southern California marketplace. This was a key component for EarthStar Energy to bring Mr. Costa on board.

Furthermore, Mr. Costa is the EVP of Operations and COO of a property management firm where he utilizes a vast array of accounting and financial reporting skills on large investment properties. Mr. Costa holds a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Management.