EarthStar Enterprises Management Team

The EarthStar Enterprises management group comprises a group of seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience in finance, accounting, supply chain management, quality analysis, quality control, corporate governance, international business development and sales management and marketing. The credibility of our management team is critical to our clients and our suppliers demand it.  EarthStar Enterprises will not tolerate false representation of lack of teamwork within this organization.  We recognise the contributions of all involved here and that is what makes EarthStar Enterprises Great!

They bring a particular expertise in the solar and alternative energies market category, having been engaged in design and construction of a large-scale solar project in Spain along with numerous other solar installations. Outside of their practical experience in designing and managing high quality solar installations in the alternative energy sector, EarthStar’s management team is able to leverage partnerships with companies who are industry leaders in design, installation and battery storage solutions, and is able to incorporate their expertise in order to enhance the value proposition of EarthStar’s proprietary alternative energy technologies. A founding member of EarthStar’s management team has numerous international patents credited to him, not to mention a wealth of product innovation capabilities and experience.

Licensed Certified EarthStar Dealers

Join the EarthStar Solar Group of  Licensed Certified EarthStar Installers World Wide.  A simple license Fee system combined with training of your staff to install and operate your EarthStar facilities can raise your presence in your Territory above the rest of the competitors. Use our extensive 10 and 15 year experience of the Founders to increase your power delivered and therefore value perceived by your Clients.  We use Proprietary Trackers, Solar Panels, and Power Management Systems to give the lowest cost per Megawatt in the Industry. Don’t settle for the norm of 6 hours per day, use trackers and high output panels, save some of that power for night time use and results speak for themselves, you will be the leader in your World.  With Multiple sites World Wide buying through a central source and shipping direct to you we have the lowest costs volume purchasing gives.  Our Proprietary design further insures no-one can compete with you.  If Governments in Africa and Central America can see the benefit of EarthStar then its time for you to start installing for us.