Featured Project: Terminal Forest Products

Terminal Forest Products LTD. (“TFP”), a privately owned forest products company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia ( The sawmill operation is situated on 32 acres and comprises 5 buildings. The large building on the right side of this photo is EarthStar Enterprises Corp, home.  The small rectangular building in lower right corner is the EarthStar Demo Site for the Surge Protection System.

Spring, 2016

TFP utilizes significant electrical power as it conducts its daily operational business activities, estimated at as much as $5 million dollars annually throughout all of its facilities, inclusive of premiums paid to B.C. Hydro for times when the electrical grid is subjected to additional load due to power surges when heavy equipment is started up or engaged.

Earthstar has been commissioned to undertake to construct a system for TFP that will reduce their energy consumption and BC Hydro billings in a meaningful and measurable way. Phase I of the project will involve the installation of an innovative surge protection system developed by EarthStar in order to eliminate those sharp spikes in power usage that results in excessive energy costs for one of the 5 buildings at the facility. Once the efficacy of the Phase I system has been confirmed, Phase II of the project will be the installation of a solar energy system that utilizes 220 320W PV panels and 10 solar trackers.

The system will be designed, and with product specifications supplied by Earthstar with installation overseen by Earthstar’s design/install partner Future Energy Resources Inc.

BC Hydro Power Smart: An Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study for this new system design is being completed for submission to BC Hydro for a potential financial incentive for implementation of these energy conservation measures complete with a calculation of the predicted savings and cost of the installation.

Earthstar has determined that the combined Phase I and Phase II installations alone will result in an estimated 60% reduction in power usage by TFP. TFP will be the first sawmill company on the West Coast to incorporate renewable energy solutions by way of this combined battery/solar power installation in its daily operating infrastructure. Currently the EarthStar proprietary trackers solution can be easily seen from Richmond and the Knight Street bridge when approaching Vancouver.