Design Install Partner –  EarthStar Solar Division

EarthStar has signed up one of its first International Solar Partners, Genesis Solar ( of Brazil. Introduced to as a reliable Solar Energy supplier in Brazil by our Brazilian Lawyer Max Azevedo, representing EarthStar and our Mining Division Brasco-EarthStar, we quickly discovered through joint operations that Edvaldo Pereira and Genesis were perfect examples of the skills and technology knowledge that EarthStar Solar wishes to promote throughout both North, Central, and South America, but later to expand this service Worldwide.

As well as a 15 year history of successful installations, through joint operation with Edvaldo we have developed Solar Kits concept and pushed this through to successful sales and distribution of 5 models of Solar Kits ranging from 1.1 KW/hr for home owners all the way up to 5.4 KW/hr for small businesses all Self Installed with manuals in English, Portuguese and Spanish with easy to follow instructions and Technical support available.

With Solar Farms for Industry (550 Kw – 2.5 Mw ) and larger municipal and regional Solar Farm of 5 MW to 70 or even 100 MW. Utilizing our Proprietary Linear Trackers and Bifacial high output (540W/panel) we have the smallest ground foot print for the highest output back into the Grid.

Corporate PPAs

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements are the next market that EarthStar and Genesis Solar are addressing. We can take that large flat warehouse building and with our Proprietary Linear Trackers we can install 200,000 to 300,000 Kilowatts per hour solar generation.

With our advanced Power Management capabilities we can also take offending heavy equipment and eliminate Surge or Demand Power Billings that can really add up and increase your monthly costs. Typically Commercial Accounts can see ROI on these type installations within 2 Years.

Contact us to move your company into the GREEN SPACE while benefiting your pocketbook.