Who Is EarthStar Enterprises?

EarthStar Enterprise Corp. is a private company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are no longer associated with EarthStar Energy Canada as they have split off to form another company.  The company was formed in order to exploit the many opportunities there currently are in the renewable and alternative energy industry. Management intends to leverage their many years of accumulated industry knowledge, experience, international contacts and overall awareness of current leading edge technologies to design, build and maintain both hardware and software green energy solutions. Management utilizes best practice during the entire project development cycle in order to ensure cost effective, efficient renewable energy installations with a commitment to environmental responsibility. The significant energy cost savings for the end user coupled with a commitment to the environment is the primary value proposition that the Company brings to their clients who contract with EarthStar to develop renewable energy projects in their regions.

Current solar power projects under development by EarthStar’s are projected to improve power output by up to 60 % when compared to many solar energy solutions being used in the world today. These projects include proprietary technologies and software developed by EarthStar for the solar power sector, such as solar panel tracking technology, software that increases the exposure to energy from the sun; advanced long-life battery storage solutions that increases both load capture and length of time that a charge can be maintained, and a proprietary power management technology system that improves efficiencies and flow of energy throughout the complete solar energy capture process.

EarthStar continues its commitment to innovative energy solutions and can design custom power solutions for the customer that are superior in power capacity and power generation capabilities resulting in more clean energy per panel and per battery unit than our competitors.

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